Resistance Shanghai玩家成就列表:
The Achievement list for SH RES players:
[0]Diablo 大菠萝
Player: JackCM

[1]Nightmare if you met any of the following 梦魇级 满足以下任意成就

1. 经验达到1024W以上 [AP1024W+]
2. 单人清扫过闵行交大(8级塔群) Destroying SJTU in Minhang District independently
3. 单人连续清扫过除闵行交大外任意两绿军农场 (7级及以上塔群) Continuously Destroying 2 ENL farms (>=lv7 portals) independently
4. 组织单次建立1000W以上MU (Cardinal contributor of Creating a single field with 1000W+ Mind Unit)
5. 为了Ingress游戏目标单次移动(来回) 80公里以上 (Travelling as far as 80+KM mainly for Ingress, round trip)
6. 拥有400+ Cube  或 40+病毒 (Have 200+ cube or 25+ Virus/ADA)
7. 为了Ingress游戏连续五天早于六点起床 (Rising before 6 am for Ingress in continuous 5 days)
8. 同时对阵并击退过9人/次及以上绿军 (Brushing >=6 players simultaneously)

[2]Hardcore if you met any of the following 骨灰级 满足以下任意成就

1. 清扫过闵行交大(8级塔群)    Destroying SJTU in Minhang District (lv8 portals)

2. 单人清扫过除闵行交大外任意绿军农场(7级及以上塔群)     Destroying any ENL farm (>=lv7 portals) independently

3. 经验达到240W以上 [AP 240W+]

4. 单次建立100W以上MU   (Creating a single field with 100W+ Mind Unit )

5. 同时对阵并击退过3人/次及以上绿军 (Brushing 3+ ENL players simultaneously)

6. 为了Ingress游戏目标单次移动(来回) 40公里以上 (Travelling as far as 40+ KM mainly for Ingress, round trip)

7. 曾被封号并解封 (Experience of deactivation of game account and revived afterwards)

8. 曾被著名作弊玩家Dittohuang及其任意小号特意针对骚扰 (Disturbed by noted cheater “Dittohuang” or his dogmates)

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